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As we'd love to hear more about your specify property photography requirements, we'll begin with a brief consultation. This will allow us to learn about your project and determine which services will suit your project best and benefit you the most.


We're happy to follow your specific photo brief or to simply allow our creative team to lead the shoot. We aim to provide you with a wide range of high quality images that make your property stand out. Upon completion, you will receive the images via a download link and have a private viewing gallery on the GrayBird Website. 


We offer commercial property photography to show off your building exteriors or interiors. Whether it's for case studies, to enhance your website, or to rent or sell your property, we go the extra mile to provide you with stunning images. Showing off your commercial property in the best light will enhance your marketing materials and case studies which can help to impress your clients or possibly increase your sales opportunities.


Our interior design photographer can capture everything from wide angle room photos to the fine details in your fabrics. Whether you're an interior designer yourself or you just love your interiors, we'd be happy to capture it for you. By using our lighting techniques, our goal is to show your interior design in a beautiful and honest way.


If you're wanting photos to help sell your home, our house photographer based in Huddersfield can capture your property from many different angles whilst using great lighting techniques to help make your house looks its best. First impressions can make or break a house sale and, often times, photos are buyers first glimpses into their potential new home. Having high end house photography can create more interest in your property which can lead to increased interest and possibly an increased sale price. 


Architecture is an incredible industry where someone can bring their drawings to life. Architectural photography is important when trying to show off specific features you've designed for your own archives/case studies and in order to show new clients the beautiful work you've created. Capturing the entire design, as well as, the finer details can be equally important.


Drone photography is a wonderful way to get a completely different perspective on a property. This allows the viewers to see the property as a whole, in a unique and fascinating angle, at a raised level, and to incorporate the surrounding areas/views of a property. Our drone photographer in Huddersfield is fully certified/insured and can capture your residential property or your commercial property with striking drone photos.


Virtual Staging for properties is an incredibly innovative way to show the true potential of an empty room. You can really bring life into an image by adding furniture and decor to help people visualise how it can look. This is a fantastic way to reduce your expenses. You don't need to rent furniture to physically stage a property, hire movers or interior designers, and you don't need to worry about your property getting damaged during the process. If you'd like to have your office staged or your house staged, we can simply do it all with our technology and software whilst you focus on other items on your to do list. 


Our team can create unique and artistic property videos to enhance the viewing process for your potential buyers, clients, or for yourself. GrayBird Photography also provides 360° tours or 3D walkthroughs of your house or commercial property by using high end cameras and technology to stitch photos together to give you an amazing, realistic view of the property without leaving the comfort of your own home.


We can provide many different photography services to help sell your home or commercial property, increase your rental opportunities, show off your interiors, or for your business archives and case studies.

We also offer many other types of photography such as events, portraits, commercial photography, and more. If you're interested in other types of photography, please don't hesitate to enquire. You can view our sister company here:

We're happy to discuss your photography needs and provide you with a competitive quote for your project. Please contact us to discuss which services will benefit you best. 

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